REVIEW: Baskin Robbins’ Cannoli Be With You

Cannoli are an Italian-American staple made of fried pastry dough stuffed with a sweet and creamy ricotta or marscarpone filling that I’m unfortunately pretty uneducated on. I’ve only had the pleasure of eating cannoli a few times, and it’s been a couple of years since my lips braced the delicious Sicilian dessert. For as often as I’ve indulged in a cream filled doughnut, I’m honestly a bit ashamed by my lack of cannoli consumption, and I think a great late New Year’s resolution is to eat more of them. Just in time to get my resolution on track, Baskin Robbins have introduced a brand new pun-tastic flavor of the month for February. Cannoli Be With You combines mascarpone ice cream with chocolate chips, cannoli shell pieces and roasted pistachios.


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