REVIEW: Haagen-Dazs Crispy Layer Trios (Coconut Caramel Chocolate, Lemon Raspberry White Chocolate)

As much as I appreciate Haagen-Dazs’ dedication to lush, full fat ice cream bases, I wasn’t too hot on last year’s Trios line. While the concept was cool – layers of chocolate immersed within two flavors of ice cream, I found the execution a bit blasé and much less interesting than just a standard base, mix-in, and swirl combo. None of the flavors I tried really did much for me, and I always thought that they missed a little bit of the magic that a good ribbon or boulder of a chunk of something chewy and fun can bring to the table. Apparently the folks at HD agreed with me, as this year they decided to up the ante on the layered concept with Crispy Trio Layers, which combines ice cream with the aforementioned chocolate layers but add in a new gooey component for another level of textural excitement.

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