REVIEW: The Pizza Cupcake (Margherita)

The Pizza Cupcake is a beautiful product. I first got wind of this unique frozen creation through social media in 2021, which lead me to finding its feature on Shark Tank. The concept is simple, and based on the reaction I saw on YouTube, must be good. I was beyond intrigued, but due to a premium on freezer space from my ice cream affinity (addiction), I never pulled the plug. Fast forward to Fall 2022 and the company actually reached out to me to try its product in exchange for some posts on Instagram detailing how I felt about them. Do I love Margherita pizza? Hell yeah. How could I say no! I made a video review of my experience for Instagram and TikTok, which I’ve linked on YouTube below, but I also wanted to do a quick writeup for those who are interested. The folks at Pizza Cupcake sent this to me because their product is now available at 1600 Walmart stores in the U.S. nationwide, and based on my experience, I imagine that number will grow pretty substantially in 2023 and beyond.

A Pizza Cupcake is very straight forward — a doughy base, some sauce, and cheese. I hold the idea near and dear to my heart that the Neapolitan Margherita pizza is one of the world’s most perfect foods, and this cupcake iteration is a lovely homage to one of my favorite culinary delights. The base is a cross between a pizza dough and brioche, and despite having no butter in it tastes EXCEPTIONALLY buttery from the decent dose of high quality extra virgin olive oil. It feels like a denser puff pastry and goes down light as a feather. I can’t get enough. The cheese is rich and stringy with a great balanced creamy, slight saltiness, and quintessential mozzarella snappy chew.

My one qualm with the Pizza Cupcake is that there isn’t enough of the fantastic San Marzano tomato sauce, which is mildly seasoned and full of clean tomato flavor. I love a nice acidic kick to balance out my pie and the sauce inside is pretty light. However, that is very easily remedied by having a cup of marinara on the side to dip, like you would with breadsticks or garlic knots. I wish the packaging suggested pairing it with extra sauce, or maybe even included a little package to warm up, but it doesn’t need more sauce as much as it thrives with it.

I am a huge fan of the Pizza Cupcake. It is one of the best frozen interpretations of pizza I have ever had. They’re great in the oven, done perfectly well in 12 minutes at 375, but even BETTER in the air fryer. The air fryer takes half the time, 6 minutes at 350, and adds a little more crisp to the outside, which I really enjoy. Grab yourself some cupcakes, and a little side of some sauce, and you’ll be in cheesy bread-y heaven.

Rating: 9/10

Found at: Sent to me, but can be bought online or at Walmart

Check out my video review on YouTube!