REVIEW: Oh Yeah! ONE Pumpkin Pie

Happy Thanksgiving eve everyone.  Ahead of the biggest most extravagant eating day of the year I thought I would post one last seasonal protein bar review in honor of the day’s most acclaimed dessert…

If Quest bars were crowned the king of the portable protein world (they are), then coming in at a strong second would be the ONE lineup by Oh Yeah! Nutrition. I don’t mean to imply that Quest and ONE are my personal favorites, but they without a doubt have the strongest presence at gyms, supplement stores, grocery stores, and even gas stations.  Oh Yeah! have joined the pumpkin party with a seasonal release in honor of autumn’s favorite pie, which marks the twelfth release for the ONE brand.


The first thing I noticed when biting in is the texture is softer than all other ONE bars. I’m not sure if this is intentional or the extra fresh nature of a seasonal release, but it works well to emulate the dense yet fluffy texture of pumpkin pie. The drizzle on top is aesthetically pleasing and the aroma carries a gentle waft of cinnamon that is neither unique or offensively strong. Unfortunately, beyond cinnamon there are no other distinct spices that can truly be tasted, some of which, like nutmeg and cloves, should be present to really feel like pumpkin pie.


Where this bar is an absolute glowing success though, is the undeniable presence of the taste of crust. Somehow the Oh Yeah! company have managed to emulate that bready flaky flavor into a soft squishy bar. Every other bite you get hit with a burst of sea salt like you’ve scooped off the pies’ innards and went straight for the base. Much like the buttery aura of their Cinnamon Roll bar, ONE have managed to pull off the ultimate mind trick and put forth one of the most interesting flavor simulations I’ve ever had in a protein bar.


While far from perfect at hitting all of the spicy complexities of pumpkin pie, the ONE bar version is without a doubt the best attempt I’ve had so far. Not as solid as some of the others in their permanent lineup but still better than a lot of other options on the market.

Rating: 8/10


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