REVIEW: Three Twins Chocolate Orange Confetti

Amidst a wash of peppermint, eggnog, and gingerbread (all of which are amazing), sometimes our taste buds need a mid-December break from the monotonous merriment of traditional holiday flavors.  Dig deep into your seasonal memory reservoir and you may be reminded of a wonderful chocolate treat that pops up in the aisles this time of year – Terry’s Chocolate Orange Ball.  You know, the one that comes shaped like an orange, you slam on the table and magically little segments divide themselves for citrusy splendor?  Although not advertised as such, Three Twins’ Chocolate Orange Confetti nails this flavor beautifully and turns out a splendidly unique ice cream at the same time.


I usually associate citrus fruits with the summer – bright tangy acidic high notes that make anything they touch shine – but there’s something about orange, specifically when mixed with chocolate, that has a wintery comfort to it.  Chocolate Orange Confetti is very simple, it combines a chocolate orange base ice cream with flecks of dark chocolate, and that’s all it needs.  The texture is flawless – smooth and creamy with that immediate melty mouth feel that makes ice cream the most beloved dessert in the country.  The use of orange oil comes across naturally and conveys more deep orange flavor than the actual fruit or juice could do on its own.  Additionally, the use of flecks (like Three Twins love to do) as opposed to chips or chunks means that the essence of dark chocolate subtly hugs every bite and helps make the overall experience incredibly smooth and luxurious.


As much of a chunky mix-in fiend as I am I don’t think there’s anything I would do to change this flavor – it’s unique and delicious without any pretentious complexities.  Ice cream’s like this are testament to the idea that if you start with high quality ingredients and think a little bit outside of the box you can deliver a stellar product worthy of repeat purchasing.  More companies, ice cream or otherwise, should consider the the mash up of chocolate and orange because it is delicious and at least for me, nostalgic.


This isn’t a new flavor for Three Twins, nor is it seasonal or sold as a holiday offering, but it is worthy of a place on anyone’s Christmas dessert table.  I’m sure Terry’s chocolate oranges can be bought year round but the consumer god’s have sold them to us as stocking stuffers so the taste registers December and should not be forgotten in this peppermint wonderland.

Rating: 9/10


One thought on “REVIEW: Three Twins Chocolate Orange Confetti

  1. I really love the Three Twins Cookies and Cream ice cream. I bought some this weekend at Earth Fare since it was BOGO. To me, it is the best Cookies and Cream ice cream out there. I’ve never seen this flavor, though.


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