REVIEW: flapJACKed Cinnamon Apple Mighty Muffin

What better way to kick off the new year than by microwaving another muffin?  In an attempt to try all of the flapJACKed Mighty Muffin’s to see which one is truly the GOAT, I am continuing my conquest with one of my favorite flavor combinations of all time – Cinnamon Apple.  As a bonafide cinnamon-junky I put my most critical pants on, added a 1/4 cup of water, stirred thoroughly, put it in the microwave for 38 seconds (the learned perfect timing), and hoped for the best.

A super strong and sweet cinnamon apple smell erupts from the container that is nearly identical to the Quaker Oats packaged oatmeal you’ll find in grocery stores and hotel continental breakfasts all across America.  It’s spicy, juicy, and slightly tart and translates perfectly into the flavor.  There are little pockets of cinnamon sugar bombs all throughout the “muffin” that emulate the swirl in a cinnamon raisin bread.  The muffin base itself is dry and evenly fluffy, but the little cinnamon surprises are ample enough that the flavor never falls flat.  As with the other flavors I have tried I am impressed by the amount of mix ins that flapJACKed puts into their product – getting multiple flavors in every bite.


The use of small dried apple chunks help give this the most natural sweet flavor of any of the Mighty Muffin’s I’ve had and it works incredibly well.  Even though the apples are dried, the addition of water and the microwaving process helps rehydrate them and gives a textural contrast against the muffin itself.  I cut up some fresh apple to have with the muffin, since in the past I felt the Mighty Muffin needed a bit of assistance, but in this case it was unnecessary – the provided apple flavor is true and strong.

Cinnamon Apple is by far the best of the Mighty Muffin’s I have tried and is the first of their products I definitely want to re-buy.  Whereas there are already good chocolate and s’mores protein products on the market, this is the best spin on cinnamon apple I have tried as a ready made breakfast supplement.  Oftentimes this flavor generally comes out tasting artificial and strange, and flapJACKed have nailed it.

Rating: 8.5/10

Quick Nutrition: 220 cal – 5g fat – 350mg sodium – 24g carbs – 5g fiber – 8g sugar – 20g protein


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