RANKING: ONE Brand Protein Bars

ONE Brand bars might just be the most consistently delicious and nutritionally sound protein bars out there.  There are brands with more flavors (Quest), and some that achieve a bolder taste (Fit Crunch), but through and through these bars deliver great taste with only one gram of sugar and a solid dose of protein and fiber.  With many options to choose from I’ve compiled my all inclusive list of ONE bar flavors including their newest – Red Velvet and Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake.

1. Cinnamon Bun – I love cinnamon, and this bar not only delivers a cool blast of spice but the buttery nuances of yeasty rolls. It’s delicious, just sweet enough, and proves why Oh Yeah! have completely dominated low sugar flavor emulation.

2. Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake – chocolate and peanut butter is one of the greatest combinations known to man, and this bar pays homage to that glorious marriage wonderfully. It’s more peanut butter than it is chocolate, and surprisingly less sweet than a lot of the other ONE bars, which really works for this profile. It has two layers, the top of which is smooth and creamy like peanut butter, and finished with a mellow cocoa note that I really really dig.


3. Maple Glazed Doughnut – they completely nailed this flavor. Full of maple and raised donut yeasty-ness, it even finishes with that signature sharp sweet donut glaze taste. It’s incredible what they achieved in the maple domain, which is a flavor that doesn’t get enough love. Usually when you see maple it’s paired with pancakes or waffles, which is great, but this is a touch more unique and executed flawlessly.

4. Birthday Cake – the first bar I remember having actually covered in sprinkles and achieving the birthday cake flavor instead of some weird lemony taste. It’s sweet and vanilla-forward like a classic store bought white cake with a little bit of eggy-ness to give it that bday bounce.

5. Almond Bliss – a super unique and well executed flavor that doesn’t get enough love. This bar is basically an Almond Joy, and it nails the chocolate coconut almond balance beautifully. It’s creamy and nutty and just sweet enough, with some whole almonds that add good crunch.  No other company has tried this flavor and I can’t imagine it being done much better with this kind of macros.

6. Peanut Butter Pie – peanut butter flavored protein supplements are hard to nail but this one does a pretty convincing job of capturing the nutty nuances of the heralded buttery treat. The use of peanut flour, peanut butter, AND peanuts in the ingredients provides a deep roasted flavor complimented by just the right amount of sweetness. I haven’t had many slices of peanut butter pie but this is certainly my favorite peanut butter bar.

7. Lemon Cake – really solid zesty lemon flavor with a little bit of white cake bounce. There’s that extra essence that pushes it beyond straight lemon, but the lemon is full, bright, and dominant. If you want a lemon protein bar, this is the ‘one’.

8. Cookies and Creme – as big of a fan of Oreo’s as I am I’m not huge on C&C bars but this one is quite good. This is a very creme-heavy bar as far as the flavor goes, with the outer white coating and protein base inside both reminding me of the Oreo filling. The inside is speckled with chocolate cookie pieces for a bit of cocoa but it overall eats like a rich creamy creme bar. Yum.

9. Pumpkin Pie – this seasonal take on the autumn classic remains the best version of the pie I’ve had in bar form. The texture reminds me of pumpkin filling, and the Oh Yeah! flavor wizards were at it again nailing the flakey notes of pie crust in addition to the spices you would expect.

10. Salted Caramel – it’s exactly what the name implies. Salty, buttery, and sweet. Not too sweet in a headache-enducing way, which can sometimes be an issue with caramel, but just sweet enough to let the salt have a backdrop to flourish on. No nuts or chocolate or other bells and whistles, just straight caramel and one of the best caramel bar I’ve had. The surprise factor here is the supreme creaminess that is butter-smooth silky, but all the flavor is in the coating with the protein base falling a little flat (sometimes I suck the coating off, I’m weird, I know).

11. Blueberry Cobbler – not as sweet as you might expect, it’s got a good blueberry flavor that isn’t very artificial and pretty enjoyable to eat. Not as cobbler-y as I would like with no notable cinnamon or nutmeg to really be found. I know Oh Yeah! can do crusty bready flavors well and this one doesn’t quite nail it.

12. Red Velvet Cake – the bar has a legitimate cheesy tang on the outer coating but ultimately suffers from just not being sweet enough to deliver the right frosting kick. The inside doesn’t taste bad but it also doesn’t have any of the cocoa nuances I want from RV cake. The texture is still solid but there are 10 other ONE bars more worth your time and money.


13. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough – there’s a touch of brown sugar flavor that reminds me of dough in the protein base, which is studded with chocolate chips and dipped in a chocolate coating. Vanilla and caramel come along for the journey in a bar that is good but not the best CCCD out here (Combat Crunch and Quest both have great versions).

14. Key Lime Pie – I’m a big fan of lime, and anything with graham crackers in it for that matter, and while both of those flavors are represented in this bar it suffers from being not nearly sweet enough.  While Oh Yeah! usually delivers heartily on great sugary profiles with only one gram of sugar, this bar overall falls flat with very little pop, despite its creamy whipped topping-esque coating.  Even though the lime is pretty authentic, its tartness isn’t enough to save it from being a flavor I don’t really want to toss into my regular rotation.

15. Chocolate Brownie – light milk chocolate flavor that reminds me a lot more of Hershey’s Kisses than a brownie with occasional crunchy chocolate chips. Not an awful bar but not my favorite chocolate bar by a long shot.


White Chocolate Raspberry – very sweet, almost moist with a floral and tart raspberry finish. Surprisingly doesn’t taste artificial at all, which is a big problem with berry flavored bars. Ties with the Quest version for best take on the flavor, although the only texture is little crisps and no white chocolate chunks.

Chocolate Birthday Cake – another bar bursting with sprinkles, this one has that soft cocoa flavor like a cake you would buy from Safeway. It’s a unique flavor, since most companies go for chocolate brownie, and is pretty well executed, although I have had some that had a strange sour aftertaste.

Mint Chocolate Chip – the first ice cream themed protein bar I’ve had and I’m a fan. The mint is present but much more mellow than a super intense Peppermint extract would provide, and instead, bringing the smooth creaminess you would find in a scoop of mint chip. It’s not my favorite mint bar but it’s a good one, although it has a kind of odd lingering aftertaste that feels a little soapy, probably trying to emulate the cold creaminess.


4 thoughts on “RANKING: ONE Brand Protein Bars

  1. I need to find the Maple Glazed Donut bar! They do make a pretty good birthday cake bar and I like the peanut butter, as well as chocolate chip cookie dough. I wasn’t a fan of the chocolate brownie or chocolate birthday cake either. My husband liked the frosted lemon one.


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