REVIEW: Blue Bunny’s Limited Edition Honey Bunny


I’m not the biggest fan of throwing up, but boy do I love me some bee vomit. Honey is great in tea, on top of biscuits, drizzled on Greek yogurt, baked into breads, or even eaten straight out of the jar; but my favorite application is in ice cream. Although it isn’t incredibly common in the mainstream cream universe, honey used as a base sweetener for ice cream is stellar, and brings an unmatched depth that compliments anything it touches. My honey cream escapades have been limited to craft brands and local scoop shops so I was ecstatic to find that an affordable grocery brand took the plunge into the honey hive. Blue Bunny’s Honey Bunny combines honey ice cream with swirls of caramel and graham crackers.


The honey ice cream is delightfully delicious. While the light in delightful is definitely important to emphasize, what it lacks in rich density it makes up for in wonderful authentic honey flavor. There is nothing cloyingly sweet or fake about the flavor of the ice cream, and the naturally lighter texture of Blue Bunny’s base makes this a scoop to put back quickly with ease. It melts fast and reminds me much more of soft serve than a lot of the premium stuff I eat, but I dig it, and it’s a taste and texture combo that’s really hard for me to deny.



The caramel swirl is very prominent on top of the container, as is the case with all swirly BB releases, and it serves its purpose. It’s relatively thin and sweet, but against the great flavor of the honey ice cream it doesn’t add anymore depth or excitement to the experience. A salted or slightly darker burnt caramel would have had more of an impact, but as it stands it’s just a nice accompaniment to the golden notes throughout.


Speaking of golden notes, the graham swirl is absolutely top notch. Thick and gritty with a beautiful and deep graham cracker flavor, I simply can’t get enough of it. It weaves its way through in nice sized slabs all throughout the container and flips my graham-dunking nostalgia switch into full gear. The combination of the true honey flavor and crunchy graham pieces emulates drowning the crackers in milk perfectly and is a truly classic combo, that once again, I can’t get sick of.

Rating: 8.5/10

Found at: Grocery Outlet ($2.99)



2 thoughts on “REVIEW: Blue Bunny’s Limited Edition Honey Bunny

  1. Sooo…. why stop making it? It’s my favorite as well! I found it just in time for Blue Bunny to stop making it. Thanks loads, morons. In business, when something is THAT good, you make it… and make money in yhe process. Stoping its production is anti-intelligent. Are you REALLY that clueless in Business Logic?

    No. REALLY! I’d like an answer.

    Toby B


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