REVIEW: Baskin Robbins Bobsled Brownie

January is a pretty down month. After the swirling excitement and chaos of the holidays it feels like everyone is universally broke, bloated, and burnt out. The weather is cold without any Christmas carols to make it seem cute, and most of us are just sitting tight waiting for warm weather and a tax return to get the new year actually in motion. That being said, I will take anything I can get to hold onto some of that winter whimsy I’m secretly missing, and to kick off 2018 Baskin Robbins are giving me just that. Bobsled Brownie combines milk chocolate mousse and butter caramel ice creams with a fudge crackle ribbon and pieces of blonde brownies.


Combining two bases into one flavor of ice cream is risky business, and although Baskin Robbins have pulled it off before (Gold Medal Ribbon) unfortunately it doesn’t really work in Bobsled Brownie. The milk chocolate mousse ice cream is definitely the stronger of the two and has a nice mellow milky flavor with smooth mousse-esque texture. The butter caramel ice cream, which sounds delicious in theory, is really bland and gets completely washed out by the chocolate. I thought initially it was an issue with battling flavors, but when I isolated it on its own I got no butteriness or caramel notes, just a very average vanilla or sweet cream teetering on boring.


The fudge crackle ribbon is an interesting idea, and again, is a bit better in theory than in actual execution. The ribbon tastes a lot like magic chocolate shell, and acts like it too. Rather than incorporating throughout the scoop like a typical ribbon, it seizes up in big chunks with a smooth, slightly fudgey texture and sharp sweet taste. The crackle’s are very mild, with only a few pops of crunch, but not nearly enough to satisfy the expectation set by Nestle’s Crunch bar.



The best element of Bobsled, and one of my favorite mix-ins of all time, are the blonde brownie pieces. Soft, buttery, and cakey; the pieces have all of the golden sheen and flavor that I want from a blondie, and held up perfectly in the ice cream. Unfortunately there aren’t nearly as many brownie chunks as I would like, only getting two or three per scoop. It was a bit of a tease getting something to finally elevate the scoop to some kind of decent potential, for it to fizzle off and fade quickly, just like the post-holiday high transforming into the blues.

Rating: 6/10

Found at: Baskin Robbins ($2.99)


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