REVIEW: Vice Cream’s Choc of Shame

While I’ve never been the type of bad b to slap on some stilettos and my finest face to see who’s sporadic Uber I can wind up in by the end of the night, I’m certainly no stranger to the walk of shame. Although in my case it usually involves getting up from the couch realizing that I had too much fun and that pint that was supposed to be half full is now 100% empty. That glorious strut back to the kitchen kind of feels like I’ve drunkenly forgotten how to be some real hot stuff in my pumps. My hair might not be quite as disheveled and there’s no way I’m gonna throw up, but I know that lingering tinge of dishonor, and it feels like Vice made this ice cream for all of those who can relate to those moments. Choc of Shame combines chocolate ice cream with chocolate brownie dough and chocolate shavings.


The chocolate ice cream is very soft, smooth, and light. Not light in the sense of a low calorie ice cream but almost like soft serve straight from the freezer. It has a mild milk chocolate flavor that reminds me of a chocolate malt without any of the funk, akin to a Wendy’s Frosty. The base almost tastes more like a chocolate flavored vanilla than a true chocolate without any depth or bitterness at all. That may sound like a diss, but it’s not necessarily a bad thing, as the light milky flavor is pleasant and easy to put back. While I generally prefer darker more bitter flavor in my ice cream there’s something kind of whimsical and fun with the way this base is executed.



The chocolate shavings are appropriately titled, and as such are pretty ineffective and play a fairly minor role in the overall experience. They’re small and of medium thicc-ness with a slight cocoa pop and very little crunch. When I think of ice cream’s with great chocolate shavings I think of Baskin Robbins’ Mint Chip or Three Twins’ Confetti line, where the shavings are more ample and add a constant creamy sweetness to every bite. Vice’s shavings aren’t bad, they just fall somewhere in between true sliver shavings and more prominent chunks that bring a bigger snap and flavorful impact.


The best part about this pint is the chocolate brownie dough. Chewy gritty gobs of chocolate goodness that squish against the ice cream for a really delicious textural and flavorful treat. They’re softer than chunks of actual brownies with all the great cocoa flare I expect from the fully baked confection and honestly searching for them is a bit addictive. Even though the base is a touch on the bland side the dough helps boost the chocolaty experience up to something that’s pretty satisfactory but lacking in darkness.

Rating: 7/10

Found at: Safeway ($4.99)


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