REVIEW: PopCorners Flex

PopCorners are known for their 2008 popcorn-became-chip revolution. But that simple feat was not enough for this relative new-comer to the snack game. Flex are crunchy grain-free air popped crisps packed with 10 grams of protein and they don’t suck. Some dude’s may gripe about the protein being derived from soy, but I don’t regularly eat anything else soy-dominant so I’m no too concerned about spiking my estrogen. For 90-100 calories these are a macronutrient mega hack and by emulating three already established popular chip flavors they should fit right into your snacking routine. 

Texturally all three varieties are the same, and they remind me of a slightly thinner and more aggressively crunchy PopChip. This makes sense since they’re, well, popped, as opposed to being fried like normal potato-based chips. There’s a slight earthiness to the chip that isn’t distracting in terms of flavor but just a tad more toothy than a puffed potato PopChip or purely fluffy PopCorner. 


Cheddar and sour cream are generally not my favorite kind of chip. I like them,  but they aren’t interesting enough for me to eat all the time or keep eating. Flex’s take on the flavor suffers a bit from an inability to get too creamy at the risk of inflated fat macros. Without any real sharp cheese flavor they come across kind of dry. Again, non-Doritos cheese chips just aren’t something I tend to buy, so these didn’t really do it for me. But for the calories and crunch they’re still worthy of finishing the bag. Despite my bias if you’re a SC&C kind of person, you’ll probably like it a lot.

Rating: 7/10


Just like the name implies, these chips taste like buffalo wings. Salty and spicy these chips have a great zing and are awesome by themselves or with a creamy dip. They have the most aggressive seasoning of the three and after 5 or 6 in a row the heat builds to a pretty respectable tingle.

Rating: 8/10


Save the best for last, baby. These BBQ chips have a perfect sweet-yet-tangy and slightly smokey flavor that lands them right next to, again, PopChips, and Pringles. It’s a familiar flavor that doesn’t need much tweaking and Flex kept it safe in the best way possible. Amazing BBQ flavor with 10 grams of protein and 4 grams of fiber, a slam dunk.

Rating: 9/10

As an entire line Flex Crisps are a total success. These were sent to me by PopCorners but that did not effect my review at all. In fact, I’ve already checked two stores to try and get more of the BBQ Crisps, but so far no luck. These are available nationwide with a suggested price of $3.89 and they’re definitely seeking out.


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