PROTEIN POST: Nuts ‘N More Salted Caramel

Have you ever wished you could crush up a Butterfinger bar and spread it all over everything?  Drizzle it on ice cream?  Eat it with a spoon?  Put it on a sandwich?  Look no further – this Salted Caramel Nuts ‘N More protein butter tastes almost exactly like the distinct sweet nutty flavor of Butterfinger.

Butterfinger is that candy bar that I always found myself enjoying while trick or treating as a kid but rarely buying on a trip to the candy aisle.  Now in my adult years I don’t buy many candy bars but who can resist something packed with protein that sends you down a trip to nostalgia lane?


Photo courtesy of Nuts ‘N More website

Nuts N More spreads combine whey protein isolate with nuts (in this case peanuts), flax seed, and a couple of binders and sugar alcohols to round out the flavor in their power packed butters.  The texture is a little bit whey-grainy but not too far off from a regular flavored nut butter, and with almost twice the amount of protein they’re definitely worth this minor change.

While I can’t say the spread tastes quite like salted caramel it is delicious and has a perfect creamy consistency that holds up well after a good mixing.  The product is a bit pricey ($12.99) but with 14 servings per container it should last quite awhile, unless you go on a crazy post-Halloween snack spiral and try it on top of everything in your cabinet.  Hey, at least you’d wake up hella buff.


Deliciously dreamy consistency

Serving Size: 2 TBSP – Servings: 14 – Calories: 188 – Total Fat: 12g – 2g saturated 0g trans fat – Cholesterol 2mg – Sodium 102g – Total Carbohydrate: 8g – Dietary Fiber: 3g – Sugars 1g – Protein: 12g

Note: This is not a new product, just something I’ve recently got into and felt the need to share!

REVIEW: Quest Bar Rocky Road

Earlier this year Quest announced that it would be rolling out three new flavors of cheat clean goodness over the course of four months and the big bad finale is finally upon us. Following the success of imitating a cookie with Oatmeal Chocolate Chip, and a muffin, with Blueberry Muffin, the Quest brand has chosen to take on imitating Rocky Road ice cream.  The classic flavors of chocolate, nuts, and sweet marshmallow lend themselves well to a portable protein bar, but how does it stack up against the others in the Quest-verse?

Rocky Road’s biggest strength is the same as the two that came before it, and that is in its chunky prominence.  Quest have quickly solidified themselves as the king of the chunk and while new competitors pop up seemingly every month, Quest has found a way to keep itself relevant and desirable in the vast field of protein bars.  Every bite of Rocky Road has ample pieces of crunchy almonds and sweet marshmallow; the bar has some of the most equal chunk distribution I’ve seen from Quest and that keeps the bar interesting from start to finish. The chocolate base, like most Quest bars, has a strong sucralose flavor that drives the sweetness of each bite. As long as you’re okay with the fake sweet taste the overall experience is pretty true to a good scoop of rocky road ice cream. Almond is the dominant flavor over marshmallow, which gets lost just a bit in the general sweetness of the bar as a whole, but you see them and their presence is at least felt texturally.


Rocky Road is essentially a nutty crunchy version of one of their best bars already on the market – Double Chocolate Chunk. While there are no pieces of dark chocolate lurking in the protein base, the ample amounts of almonds and marshmallows make this an intriguing bite on the go. Not as good as the two that came before it but still better than or equal to the other top Quest bars already available.

Rating: 7/10