REVIEW: Limited Edition Peeps Oreo (2018)

If there’s one thing that can be said about the great landscape of Easter candy it’s that regular jelly beans kind of suck. If there’s a secondary important layer of truth in the realm of bunny-approved junk food it’s that there are way too many flavors of Peeps. From traditional marshmallows in different seasonal shapes to the dipped Delights and more recent filled Delights, it seems like there’s damn near a different flavor for every day in spring.

Last year the Peeps-insanity went to new heights with the Peeps Oreo, and very much in line with their doing too much mentality, this year the Peeps Oreo are back, but you’d better believe they aren’t the same. The 2018 rendition sandwiches a purple marshmallow flavored Peeps crème in between two classic chocolate wafers.


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