REVIEW: Little G Snack Attack

I’m a snacker. I fancy me a good breakfast and dinner but throughout the day I would much rather have a series of smaller snacks than a sit down lunch to constantly keep my food-buzz rollin. I would also rather eat ice cream than lunch, and usually at least once a week I do that, and say I ‘eff the yogurt and salad I’m gettin’ me a double dip. Understanding my heart and soul greatly, one of Little G’s signature ice cream flavors is Snack Attack, which combines vanilla bean ice cream with a crispy caramelized snack mix of pretzels, potato chips, butter crackers, peanut butter cups, and candy coated chocolate. Perfect for a snack addicts meal replacement plan. Spoons up!

This pint is dense.  Snack Attack is a wall to wall mix in assault of candy that looks unlike any other ice cream container you will ever open. It’s colorful and chunky and downright wild. Dipping my spoon in it’s almost impossible to isolate the base but I get a little bit of it and it is a very sweet but tasty vanilla. There’s a hint of saltiness to it, not like the aggressive sea salt used by Salt and Straw, but like some of the salt from the pretzels and chips have soaked into the base, which balances out some of the sweetness.



The predominant flavor here is candy.  M&M’s and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups take center stage as the ice cream is merely a backdrop to the junk aisle staples that make up most of the containers’ contents. It’s hard to go wrong with chocolate and peanut butter and milky creamy goodness and on those points this pint definitely delivers.

As much fun as this flavor is to eat I do have some issues with it. I really wanted big satisfying hits of salt to counter all of the sweet, and unfortunately my pint was dangerously low, almost devoid, of crackers, chips, and pretzels. Again, there was a bit of salty presence in the ice cream itself but I never got a single chip or cracker and the only pretzel piece I got was soggy and softer than any of the candy pieces. While it is insanely fun to be eating ice cream and pull out half of a peanut butter cup, which I did, twice, I couldn’t help but feel like to be paying such a premium price I want more of what the description promises.

Even though this flavor didn’t completely hit the mark for me I have to admit that I was left thinking about the eating experience right after it was gone. While it doesn’t satisfy the same part of my tongue and brain that a big creamy scoop of ice cream does, it is an incredibly unique, crunchy, and fun eating experience that every ice cream lover ought to try at least once, and very well could fall in love with.

Rating: 8/10


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