REVIEW: Little G’s Triple Cookie Dough

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. A now scoop shop staple available at nearly every standard ice cream shop in existence, and brought to life by Ben & Jerry’s in 1984 via an anonymous flavor suggestion in their original Burlington store. Generally combining pieces of cookie dough with a vanilla base, leave it to Little G to kick it into hyper speed and take the classic to new, bold heights. For their version of the iconic concoction, Little G takes a vanilla bean base and loads it with a triple threat of chocolate chip cookie dough, double chocolate chip cookie dough, and sugar cookie dough.


The vanilla bean ice cream is absolutely spot on. Smooth and creamy with solid sweetness and a density that feels tremendously rich and buttery. I’m always a big fan of ample vanilla bean dots and the little black specks are noticeable from the jump and add a delicious authentic vanilla flavor that balances the amount of sugar beautifully. While this pint is absolutely loaded with dough, the mix in density is spot on and the base has room to breathe (“base breathability) so you can appreciate the wonderful craftsmanship that went into the ice cream itself – something I always enjoy no matter how good the mix ins or swirls may be.



Each of the three cookie doughs in the pint have a distinct flavor and they’re all delicious. My favorite of the three is the sugar cookie dough, which cuts through the base with a prominent saltiness that plays with buttery notes and is purely fun to eat. It’s decadent and naughty and feels every bit as bad boy as eating a stick of butter dipped in sugar. The double chocolate chip cookie dough is a chocolate explosion, with a good amount of chips stuck into a solid brick of cocoa laced doughy goodness. I don’t love the cookie dough as much as Grace’s brownies, but as far as a double chocolate dough goes this is up there with the best I’ve had in ice cream, not to mention it’s far less common, so bonus points for that.


The standard chocolate chip cookie dough has a more golden flavor than the sugar dough from the use of brown sugar, and has little pieces of chocolate that give it a bit of a boosted crunch. It has the perfect cookie dough essence I want inside of ice cream and it’s like all the other doughs I’ve had but just executed perfectly. I was kind of disappointed I only had two pieces of CCCD in this pint, and I wanted a bit more of balance, but I was happy with the way the dough was able to differentiate itself on taste alone, and will take more sugar cookie over chocolate cookie any day.


The only thing I would change about this flavor is making the dough pieces a bit smaller. This is easily amended with some side of spoon cutting action, but I like the dough in tandem with the ice cream and when taking the chunks as they’re presented they dominant the bite in a way that makes it challenging to get a balanced spoon. As with all Little G ice creams this one is high quality and really fun to eat, and if you gravitate towards cookie dough at your local scoop shop you’ve gotta put this on your list when you order.

Rating: 9/10
Found at: (use code seanpancake0 for $25 off of your first order!)


2 thoughts on “REVIEW: Little G’s Triple Cookie Dough

    • Yes! I can certainly start including more NI like I do on all of my protein reviews. I will say, though, that seasonal releases by smaller brands don’t have any information like that available. None of the Salt & Straw I’ve reviewed have macros, and the more limited Little G’s don’t either. However, Triple Cookie Dough did have a label and while I don’t have anymore I will say that it, along with all the other super premium stuff I review, is on the upper echelon of the macros with 300-330 calories, 15-20+ fat, and 25+ sugar per 1/2 cup. It’s dense and intense but always worth it!


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