REVIEW: Little G X MdoughW’s Slutty MdoughW

As much as I love Oreo’s I’m not one of those weirdos that thinks Cookies ’N Cream is the best ice cream flavor. Sure, emulating the cookie-dunked-in-milk experience in a tub of creamy goodness is delicious, but no caramel? No peanut butter? No cake? No sweet and salty? It could never be the top dawg for me. That being said, I will never turn away from letting Little G try and change my mind, and for their collaboration with MdoughW they released Slutty MdoughW, which combines a vanilla bean ice cream with chocolate chunk brownie mdoughw pieces and house made chocolate sandwich cookies.


Opening this pint it is visually perfect. A glowing white base with big swirling chunks of chocolate cookies – a stunning balance of light and dark. The vanilla base is spot on with a lovely smooth consistency and beautiful vanilla flavor that is everything I want from a vanilla bean ice cream. This is probably the best tasting vanilla I’ve had from Little G and the base breathability is immaculate with areas of pure vanilla that give me the creamy satisfaction I want.


The house made chocolate sandwich cookies, aka Oreo’s, but actually aka mini whoopie pies, are in varying sizes but predominantly classic Little G-sized chunks that that take over my spoon and work in perfect harmony with the base. The balance is absolute perfection, with the softened wafers and vanilla notes channeling the dunked-Oreo goodness to a T.


While the mdoughw’s are called “chocolate chunk brownie”, they actually remind me a bit more of cookie dough than brownies, and add a little bit of lightness to the overall experience. They don’t have the buttery brown sugar flavor of cookie dough but they do have the chewy soft texture with pockets of crunchy chips that leads my tastebuds more down the cookie path than brownie. The cookie vibes work really well with the amplified cookies ’n cream theme and are a delicious less dark counterpart to the soft, more cocoa-heavy sandwich cookies – a combo that has proven vastly successful in Ben & Jerry’s Milk and Cookies.


Simply put, this is the most perfect Cookies ’N Cream ice cream I have ever had, and is a truly elevated version of an old school scoop shop classic. Furthermore, I think this may be one of the most thought out, balanced flavors I’ve ever had from Little G, equally showcasing the stellar base quality and massive mix-ins that make ordering craft cream worth every penny. It’s a shame this pint was available for such a limited time because it demonstrates just how good a basic flavor can be when executed with finesse and top notch ingredients.

Rating: 9/10
Found at: (use code seanpancake0 for $25 off of your first order!)



3 thoughts on “REVIEW: Little G X MdoughW’s Slutty MdoughW

  1. Damn you Sean! Now you made me jealous! xD
    I’m with you, when it comes to Cookie & Cream flavor. For me it’s often, if not always, a letdown. You want a similar experience you get from munching down Oreo cookies, but in the end it’s like with every other product that states to have S’mores flavor: You always wonder what exactly brought the guys behind the product to think this taste just slightly like the flavor they named it after…

    Often you have a rather bland and cream base, when it comes to cookies & cream flavor, that doesn’t even have a hinch of vanilla and is just sweet. Paired with some dark bits of whatever, that want to resemble something like cocoa cookie bits, but don’t taste like anything at all (to be fair: sometimes they at least bring a crunchy feeling into the game). xD
    Long story short, i’m still searching for a product that REALLY deserves the name “cookie and cream” (and no, not even Haagen-Dazs was able to convince me; only the Oreo ice cream sticks made by mondelez/nabisco itself come really close to beeing called perfect ^^).

    But it seems Little G did it again and nailed it with a little help of MdoughW (but did we really expect something less from Grace? ^^). 🙂
    So, why i’m jealous? Because it’s not just that i most probably won’t be able to taste one pint of Little G’s ice cream at all, but now i even know, there was a great “Cookies & Cream” product out in the open and i will definitely never be able to try it. 😦

    But thanks for review! Great as always! 🙂


    • Totally agree with you on all points about C&C, and I definitely think there’s something to be said for the grainy texture in a good version. While I’m not too intrigued by regular C&C I do really like when Oreos are a component of a flavor, like all the wild ones Baskin Robbins have been cranking out the last couple years. The cookies are so damn good that put them in a more interesting base and you’ve got a winner.

      I’ve never had those Oreo ice cream sticks – I gotta be on the lookout!

      You should definitely save up and treat yourself to some Little G! If you’re willing to write this much about a review I think you’ll really really enjoy it. If you use the code it ends up being $85 for six pints. Just save up like $20 a week in an envelope and next month you can order! 🤴🏻


      • Yeah, you’re so right! I forgot to mentioned, that the cookies themselves are so great, that using them as mix-ins (though you somehow still need them a bit chunky. You need cookie pieces to bite on. xD) while having a great base is almost every time a winning combo!

        Unfortunately it’s not really about the money. Though 14$ for a pint is still not cheap, it’s more about the fact that i’m from Germany and if Little G’s is not bought by some of the major players, i guess i have to keep relying on you guys 😀

        btw: That brings me to the ice cream sticks: Not sure if Nabisco/Mondelez is selling them in the US. But if: Try to get your hands on them. They’re most probably not as good as all those Little G’s, Ample Hills or Salt & Straw Flavors, but for a “popsicle” it’s really good and the closest to actual oreo flavor i was able to find. xD
        You have nice sweet ice cream base with the right amount of vanilla, while the cookie pieces and the chocolate coating deliver the perfect amount tart chocolate/cocoa flavor. 🙂


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