It’s National Ice Cream Month!

While in my heart I’m a true autumn boy who loves the leaves falling, early darkened skies, and cinnamon-all-in-my-everything aesthetic of October through December, I also have a secret soft spot for July, also known as National Ice Cream Month.  Yes, I know that on social media every day is another #something day, but honoring the sacred tradition of the scoop is an actual holiday, signed into public law by Ronald Reagan on July 9, 1984.  With National Ice Cream Day coming just one week from today, on Sunday July 16, this week the skillet is going full on ice cream with nothing but dreamy, melty, delicious ice cream reviews.


While it’s pretty evident if you’ve read anything on this site I don’t need an excuse to enjoy some ice cream, but for those of you that may need a little extra encouragement this could be a great time to go and share a scoop with someone you love.  Many shops will have specials, some will be crowded, but be honest – when has going out for ice cream ever not been awesome?  It’s one of my favorite activities, especially with this little lady, the renowned Sil B:


What are your favorite ice cream flavors?  Or ice cream brands?  Do you have any memories associated with ice cream?  Chocolate ice cream is America’s favorite dessert, but I know you’ve got a better flavor than that – hit me with it!


4 thoughts on “It’s National Ice Cream Month!

    • oooh cashews! pretty rare to find in ice cream – the only one that comes to mind immediately is Baskin Robbins’ Baseball Nut, and Graeter’s is a great choice – got a review of one of their classics coming up soon 😉


  1. Asking me what my favorite ice cream brands and flavors are is like asking me which of my (imaginary) children is my favorite, my appetite is a fickle thing, but there would be some combination of cookies, chocolate, caramel, peanut butter, and a fruit in most, and nothing less than super-premium unless it’s Talenti sea salt caramel gelato. Give me high butterfat and low overrun or give me death! I hope to try anything by Salt & Straw, Ample Hills, and Little G before someone gives me death. Bucket list ice cream brands, for sure…

    I’m also coming out of lurkdom to say I love your reviews with Sil B on instagram, you guys are -if you’ll forgive the cliche – relationship goals. A couple who loves eating together and shares food. 🙂


    • yes! this is a great response. I realized as I was writing it that I had pretty much no idea how I would answer the question myself – I definitely have flavors I gravitate towards, and then I could name favorites from certain companies, but once you get deep into the ice cream game you can’t just say “cookie dough” or some standard flavor because there are simply too many!

      Thank you for coming out of lurkdom to say that! Having a gal by my side that has a diverse and interesting palate is hands down one of the best parts of my relationship and when we go out to eat we more often than not share everything and it makes the experience so much more fulfilling 🙂


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