FOOD FIND: Third Culture Bakery’s Mochi Muffin

Third Culture Bakery are a Berkeley-based company specializing in East meets West baked goods with no designated brick and mortar location but distribution to a number of cafes and eateries in the Bay Area, including the popular Boba Guys in San Francisco.  I got wind of their inventive Mochi Muffin and had to try one.  I was fortunate to find a cool small shop near me called Chapter Two Coffee that gets deliveries from Third Culture a couple times a week.


The outside has a firm muffin-esque crust that gives way to a perfect squishy mochi interior.  It’s soft and dense yet pillowy and just slightly sweet. Initially I thought it was kind of odd, and then I realized it’s absolutely delicious.


The flavor as a whole reminds me of the crispy caramelized exterior of a chocolate chip cookie with all of its beautiful buttery brown sugar nuances.  The black and white sesame seeds on top add a nice subtle crunch and pop of savoriness that ties the unique nature of the experience together wonderfully.  All the fun dense-yet-soft feeling of mochi with the heartiness of a muffin – such a delightful treat with a strong cup of coffee or espresso.



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