NEWS: Winners of My Oreo Creation Announced

The winners of the first ever My Oreo Creation contest were announced today via the cookies’ Facebook, and here they are!


Well, I guess no one at Nabisco HQ liked my predictable but delicious Peanut Butter Banana idea…better luck next time Sean E. Here are my initial thoughts on these battle-ready cookies:

Kettle Corn – this to me is without a doubt the strongest of the bunch. If they pull it off it should be a sweet and salty symphony with a touch of butteriness. Kettle corn is absolutely delicious, and the aroma of it makes it almost an automatic buy anytime it’s being cooked at farmers markets and outdoor events. There’s a reason they’re always giving away samples, and I’m hoping this Oreo goes down as one of the best of 2018.

Cherry Cola – a lot of people are going to find this odd, and possibly disgusting, but I have high hopes for it being a potential dark horse delicious flavor mashup. Yes, the cherry flavor could seal the deal on its destined-for-doom fate, BUT, I love cola gummies more than I even like real cola, so if the sweet caramel notes come harder than medicinal cherry, it could be pretty good. Still, high risk for failure.

Pina Colada – these will be good. This is the most straight forward and easily executed flavor of them all, and despite this year’s Coconut Thins being kind of lackluster, the golden wafer and pineapple notes should make it a pretty successful cookie.

Which one are you looking most forward to? Which idea did you submit that didn’t make it?


One thought on “NEWS: Winners of My Oreo Creation Announced

  1. Well I submitted nothing and didn’t even know about the contest, but looking forward to trying them all. I am not really a fan of cherry cola, but am willing to give the Oreo’s a try.


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