REVIEW: Humphry Slocombe’s Yuzu Cream (Whole Foods Exclusive)

Building on the success of last spring’s Hong Kong Milk Tea and autumn’s Golden Milk & Gingerbread, Humphry Slocombe are back in the collaboration saddle with Chef Melissa King and Whole Foods to deliver another exclusive pint of seasonal delight. Yuzu Cream utilizes the bumpy-skinned and oddly shaped Japanese Yuzu fruit for a new flavor to usher in the (hypothetical) sunniest time of the year. This new flavor drops in Northern California on June 6, simply described as “a refreshingly floral citrus, is dreamy with sweet rich cream”, and we’ve got an exclusive sneak peak today on the skillet.


The ice cream is exceptionally smooth and creamy with a great fatty mouthfeel and rich finish. It absolutely sings with bright citrus notes that are immediately recognizable yet…different. It has the tartness of lemon and a harsh almost astringent bitterness to it like a grapefruit. The intensity of the bitterness is well rounded by the cream and sugar and carries a flavor that reminds me a lot of the white rind on any number of citrus fruits. That may sound like a bad thing, but it’s actually really pleasant, and coats the palate in a way that’s complex yet calming.



The texture is predominantly uniform like a naked base ice cream, but is dotted with little pieces of yuzu pulp that add the slightest of crunch against my teeth. It’s uncommon to find very citrus-heavy ice cream’s that are actually cream-based and not sorbet’s, as the fat from the cream and eggs can oftentimes overpower the tart acidity that the fruit brings. This isn’t an issue here, as the intensity of the yuzu gets plenty of chance to cut through the layers of creaminess to truly be the star of the scoop show.


Humphry Slocombe’s Yuzu Cream is a very simply yet remarkably complex pint of ice cream that’s made for true citrus lovers. It’s the perfect palate cleanser after a good meal and I imagine it would be incredibly refreshing scooped into a cone on a warm summer day. While it may not pack the euphoria of digging into a mix-in packed container with ton’s of different textures and flavors, it has a sophistication that feels right at home with HS’s knack for crafting culinary inspired ice cream that’s richer than it may look.

Rating: 8/10

Found at: Sent to me, but will be $9.99 starting June 6 at Whole Foods!


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