REVIEW: Little Debbie S’mores Cake Rolls

It’s the last week of July, which in commercial snack land means Halloween is right around the corner. Yes, even though in California, and especially in the Bay, we have yet to hit our temperature max, I know in my spooky spicy cinnamon-pumping heart that once that second week of August rolls around there will be pumpkins EVERYWHERE. So before I start spiraling into the autumnal abyss, it seems fitting to cap things off with one last summery s’mores treat, especially since I’m a pretty big cheerleader for Little Debbie’s Pumpkin Spice Rolls. Little Debbie’s S’mores Cake Rolls combine a graham cake with crème filling and a chocolate drizzle.


Immediately upon biting in I get a distinct although slightly artificial graham cracker flavor from the cake. It’s kind of odd – my brain recognizes it as graham but it’s lacking any of the golden honey depth that makes graham so alluring. It kind of reminds me of a s’mores flavored syrup that would go in coffee or a mixed drink – you know what it is but its taste is just…off. It’s soft and moist and texturally great like all of LD’s rolls, but I’m really not impressed by the flavor.


The crème filling on the inside is exactly the same as all other Debbie rolls – sweet and smooth with a slight grit and sugary vanilla flavor. I was hoping it would have some sort of marshmallow presence to it but there’s nothing. It’s good but very lazy, and although the melted nature of a marshmallow can be inferred it’s not doing anything that isn’t just being projected by my own thoughts wanting there to be a ,melty ‘mallow inside.


The finishing touch really feels like an afterthought, as the chocolate drizzle is very ineffective at bringing any legit chocolaty notes to the snack-fire. Even though chocolate isn’t the most interesting element of a s’more it’s important to the overall experience and I get pretty much zilch from this roll. It would have been much more effective if it was coated a la Swiss Rolls, which would make them not only better executed but much more unique. With a more ample layer of chocolate I may be able to forgive the half-assed crème and artificial graham, but without an extra push of creamy cocoa it’s nothing special. Roll on by these rolls and say goodbye to s’mores cause the pumpkin is-a-COMIN!

Rating: 6/10

Found at: Target ($2.19)


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