REVIEW: Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Joe-Joe’s

It’s finally officially autumn. Which means that the inside of Trader Joe’s looks like a pumpkin goblin vomited all over the entire store. And it’s goddamn beautiful. While many brands started rolling out their spooky seasonal selection in August, Trader Joe’s tends to wait until a more tasteful mid-September, but when they bring it, they BRING it. Pumpkin soup and pumpkin chips and pumpkin spreads and pumpkin pasta and on and on and on. Of course, not excluding pumpkin cookies. Somehow in my autumnal escapades last year I didn’t pen my thoughts on Pumpkin Joe-Joe’s. In fact, I didn’t even eat them last year. But the time has come for me to formally enter TJ’s mock-eo into the pumpkin catalog. Pumpkin Joe-Joe’s are pumpkin sandwich cookies with a pumpkin cream filling.


Now you may have noticed from the description, but these are a unique entry into the pumpkin chronicles in that that they’re actually a pumpkin cookie as opposed to just a generic vanilla or graham wafer. Joe-Joe’s tend to have a firmer, heartier crunch than their Nabisco big bro, but these spooky ‘cooks have a gentler crumble not only compared to past Joe-Joe’s but to Oreo’s standard fare as well. The inclusion of pumpkin puree in the mix provides a softness almost like they have been open for a day, but it’s not a bad thing as they still have a nice crunch and crumble.


You may have also noticed the absence of the word “spice” in the title, and that is very fitting to the overall experience. There is a soft very authentic and full undercurrent of cinnamon beneath the sugar-dominant cream but it’s far from aggressive, and the nuanced flavor of pumpkin really gets a chance to shine. So often the actual presence of pumpkin is overshadowed by an intense spice blend, and while I love the hell outta that, this is a pleasant switch up in a category that is all-too-often repeating itself. And it should also be noted that these suckers are thicc, boasting lot’s of soft creamy filling that really hits the spot.


Once again Trader Joe’s have proven they are one of the absolute champs when it comes to sandwich cookies. Sweet yet ever so slightly vegetal, Pumpkin Joe-Joe’s rank among the top of their class for a truly sweet and softly spicy autumn teatime accompaniment.

Rating: 9/10

Found at: Trader Joe’s ($2.99)


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