REVIEW: Milka Oreo Chocolate Candy Bar

Yep, 2017 really is the year that dreams come true. The GOAT American grocery cookie Oreo and wonderful Swiss chocolate company Milka had a couple of late night drinks together, made sweet love, and gave birth to the Oreo Chocolate Candy Bar. It’s as simple as it sounds and has been executed beautifully. Let’s dig in.


Immediately I’m greeted with really high quality smooth and sweet milk chocolate bursting with authentic Oreo flavor. The ratio inside of creme to cookie is awesome and unpredictable – sometimes you’ll get a little more creme and sometimes you’ll encounter a big cookie chunk.  The creme has that signature creamy foundation with just a hint of graininess and the cookies are as crispy and crunchy as opening a freshly sealed pack of Oreo from the store.  The taste overall reminds me almost exactly of a milk chocolate covered Oreo with all three of the components really well represented.



I was also fortunate enough to find the original version of this bar that has been available outside of the States for awhile, so I thought I would compare the flavor of the two.


The chocolate on the “Milka and Oreo” version seems thinner and is lacking the richness and milky depth of the US one. It tastes less chocolatey and less sweet at the same time, and doesn’t help to elevate the creme beyond what feels like textural filler. The cookies also seem smaller and kind of soft, almost stale, and lacking in that signature Oreo crunch that makes the stateside bar so tasty.  Maybe this bar was sitting around for awhile but it’s not expired and my initial impression is that it tastes cheaper and is surprisingly inferior to the one seeing massive distribution right now.

The Oreo Chocolate Candy Bar truly eats like a perfect hybrid between snack cookie and candy. It deviates just enough from a traditional cookie or bar of chocolate to make a satisfying new product yet tastes like something you’ve had before in the best way. It would be awesome to see Milka and Nabisco collaborate further to release some of the more rare yet popular flavors like Cinnamon Bun, Birthday Cake, or Peanut Butter.  It should also be noted that this bar is available in four varieties – the smaller, single serve one that I tried which has six breakable pieces, as well as a wider, thinner bar, a king size of the version from this review, and the Big Crunch Bar which is massive with a single layer of cookie in the middle.

Rating: 9/10



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