REVIEW: The Bar Shack Custom Gourmet Protein Bars

Have you ever wanted to play God? Yeah, me neither, but when given the opportunity it’s kind of hard to pass up. As a dude who loves a good protein bar I’ve spent many a moment dreaming up flavors I wished my favorite companies would release, and now, I no longer have to dream, I can officially play protein bar God. The Bar Shack are a new online based company that allows anyone to design their own protein bar, made fresh and shipped straight to their door. So when owner Adam hit me up and asked if I would like to give it a shot I said “Hey, call me Jesus!”.


The website is incredibly easy to navigate and chock full of unique and delicious options in three categories – Protein Bars, Gourmet Bars, and “Cheat Day” Dessert Bars. All three of the categories have pretty similar options, but of course, as a daily consumer of both Oreo’s and protein powder I went with the Dessert Bar option.


You can go to the website to check out all of the options for yourself, but let me assure you there are some really fun ones in there like all types of nut butters, chocolate cheesecake flavoring, Brazil nuts, and Goji berries. For my bar I chose the soft and chewy texture with whey isolate and egg white protein along with a slew of delicious mix-ins.


Initially I wanted to streamline my choices to create a flavor that I hadn’t had before – a white chocolate pistachio peanut butter cup, but as I continued to add things the focus got lost and became a bit of a “everything I love” bar. In addition to peanut butter, PB cups, pistachios, and white chocolate, I added peanuts, cinnamon, dried bananas, sea salt, and flaxseed powder.



Let me tell you – my bar tastes goddamn delicious. The cinnamon is a bit overwhelming, but as someone who adores cinnamon that’s not a problem at all, and it has the boldest most authentic cinnamon taste I’ve ever had in a bar. I’ve always wondered why packaged bars that include cinnamon don’t have a more robust spicy flavor and all my prayers have been answered here.


The next leading flavors are banana and peanut butter, which, as one of the greatest flavor combinations of all time are also very welcome in a Sean E-sanctioned protein snack. The texture is incredibly soft and fresh like a Quest bar without all of the additives that make them more shelf stable but taffy-like.



My only complaint with the structure of The Bar Shack is the inability to choose the ratios of the bar you design. The pistachios get a bit lost in the mix, but again that’s kind of my own fault and could be easily fixed by choosing less ingredients to compose the bar as a whole. When I do get a pistachio it’s great, but the peanut vibes overwhelm any other dominant nutty flavor.

The Bar Shack is a great idea executed well and packaged in a very fun high quality fashion. The protein content maxes out at 15 grams, making it more of a snack than a supplement, but as a snack it’s terrific and I enjoyed play protein God for a day. The price isn’t cheap, at around $50 for 12 bars shipped, but if you can afford it and you’ve always wanted to make a wild bar dialed in exactly as you want, I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed.
Rating: 8/10

Found at: The Bar Shack

*If you’re interested in trying out The Bar Shack you can use code SKILLET through the end of March to get free shipping on your order, which will save you $8!*


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