REVIEW: Kettle Corn Oreo (#MyOreoCreation)

When the finalists of #MyOreoCreation were announced I was sad that none of my picks made it, because not only am I (of course) a genius with the best taste buds ever, but I could have really used that bonus check. After I got done nursing my own wounds I immediately perked up at the idea of a Kettle Corn Oreo. Kettle Corn is one of the pinnacle’s of the sweet and salty snacking universe and its smell at any farmers markets or fair is enough to make me start salivating. For their twist on the carnival classic Nabisco paired a kettle corn flavored crème with puffed millet and a golden wafer cookie.


The crème actually tastes and feels like movie theater popcorn with a distinct buttery slick and slightly salty shine that balances out the sweet golden wafer for pretty authentic kettle corn experience although it could use a bit more salt. The filling is soft and unctuous and studded with little bits of puffed millet (a grain usually used to make breakfast cereal) to bring a touch of crunchy kernel flare. The millet doesn’t get in the way of the classic Oreo balance or add a different flavor and instead just slightly emphasizes the crisp of the cookie for a little extra pizzazz without any negative effects.


What’s really interesting about these Oreo’s is the slight maple syrup finish, that while I wouldn’t associate that specifically with kettle corn, it does work for me. Popcorn and maple and butter all kind of roll in the same family of autumnal sweet and salty profiles and I wouldn’t put the appeal of kettle corn too far away from the allure of a buttery sweet stack of pancakes.


Simply put, this cookie is everything the Waffles & Syrup Oreo wasn’t, delivering a true golden sweet and salty treat that succeeds in both being unique and truly delicious. It hedges a bit more towards caramel corn than kettle, but delivering on the popcorn experience is ultimately more important and impressive. Whoever submitted this idea deserves a serious back scratch, and at the very least a resounding high five, because if these don’t win the creation contest, we’re all going to hell.

Rating: 8.5/10

Found at: Target ($2.99)


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