REVIEW: Limited Edition Good Humor Strawberry Shortcake Oreo

The music begins at a clear soft distance, your ears perk up and you stop whatever you’re doing. Once settled into your surroundings and putting the Gameboy down you can truly determine whether or not it is in fact the song or not. Yes, yes it is. My ears are hanging low. You tap your pockets. No money. You look around the room. Cushions. Crumpled pairs of pants. Stranded wallets. How can you make this happen. The adrenaline begins to rush as you see an abandoned dollar bill and some quarters laying on the kitchen counter. No need to blow your lungs yelling for mom. Money in hand you bust ass sliding on flip flops and bolting out the door before anyone can stop you. Chasing the ice cream man. A true right of passage for children across the world.

As a kid who spent five years in Nebraska in 109 degree humid as all hell summers I earned that cheap ice cream treat, and now, in 2018 I can get that fix without breaking a sweat or even opening the freezer with Good Humor Strawberry Shortcake Oreo’s.


I love it when Nabisco brings a new wafer to the equation for a limited edition Oreo and I’ve gotta give props to the cookie embedded with strawberry flavored bits for this ice cream emulating snack. Aesthetically it’s great and I get the reference immediately, but I’ve gotta say I don’t really love actually eating it. The cookie is notably harder than the usual Oreo, which I’m assuming was intentional to bring the crunch factor from the outside of the Good Humor bar, but it’s missing that cakey intrigue of a strawberry shortcake.



The crème on the inside is a super generic fast food milkshake Nesquick-ish artificial berry flavor that’s very sweet but not disgustingly so. Even though it has that milkshake flare it doesn’t really channel an ice cream bar, and the combo of the crème with the extra firm golden cookie makes for an odd squish and crunch combo that’s just not very crave-able.


This is an Oreo that will once again come down to general flavor preference and if you love fake strawberry you’ll dig these, and if not, they’re pretty mediocre. As many times as I chased down the ice cream man I rarely got Strawberry Shortcake bars. I love the real dessert, but I’m much more inclined to grab a Drumstick or an ice cream sandwich after dropping that hard earned lawn mowing money and sprinting to creamy relief. These were pretty low on my list of this year’s announced limited Oreo’s and they live up to their expectation for this cinnamon loving peanut butter boy.

Rating: 6.5/10

Found at: Target ($2.99)


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