REVIEW: Pina Colada Oreo Thins (#MyOreoCreation)

Sometimes it feels like months with no new Oreo flavors, and at other times it seems like we get smacked over the head so abruptly that all I’m eating for a couple days is cookies. The end of April was definitely one of the latter moments, as all three #MyOreoCreation winners appeared magically over night. As a way of mixing up how I dug into my new stash, I opted to do a little taste test video of the new Pina Colada Thins instead of a straight-to-blog-review, and here’s that video:

As I stated in my initial reaction, Nabisco totally nailed it with these cookies. They’re ripe with sweet pineapple flavor accented by a smooch of coconut and the lovely light golden thin airy crunch of the wafer. Pina Colada’s are super sweet as a drink, and the Thins execution is perfect to keep that potentially over-the-top sweetness in check. The lesser amount of crème works really well with such a bold flavor, and I get the full scope of the profile with each bite – minus the rum, of course.


I generally really enjoy the texture and smash-ability of Oreo Thins, with my only complaint being that sometimes the flavors don’t come through enough with the smaller vessel (see: Salted Caramel Thins). That’s no issue here, and as a result these are one of the better Thins that Oreo have come out with, and the refreshing tropical essence of pineapple really works as a crunchy cookie. A thinner winner indeed.

Rating: 8.5/10

Found at: Target ($2.99)



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