REVIEW: Little G’s Fluffer Cookie

A fluffernutter sandwich combines two of the world’s best lip-smacking creamy stick-to-the-roof-of-your-mouth ingredients that you can dig up in your grandma’s pantry – peanut butter and marshmallow fluff.  While I was always more of a traditional peanut butter and jelly kind of kid growing up and am now very much in the peanut butter and banana camp, I will never shy away from peanut butter plus anything, and I mean that quite literally.  My girlfriend recently challenged me to try peanut butter with mustard, and I did it, and guess what?  I liked it!  For the limited spring fling run of pints Little G put their own spin on the fluffernutter universe, but luckily for us all, did not include mustard.  Fluffer Cookie combines peanut butter ice cream with a marshmallow swirl and chocolate sandwich cookies.

I’m going to guess that the peanut butter ice cream itself is up to the usual Little G standards, but as is the case with some of their flavors, this one is so mix-in dense I can’t even really tell.  The peanut butter definitely takes a backseat, not only in texture but in flavor, to the insane amount of Oreo cookies smashed into the base.  What is really beautiful though, is the way the cookies have softened and taken on a dunked-in-milk kind of texture, that while it’s different than your usual melty creamy ice cream, it’s still insanely delicious and fun to eat.  Make no mistake, these aren’t just wafer cookies, these are entire Oreo’s, and the ample amount of creme filling is also present, fusing with the base and the softened wafers to create a decadent, almost cake-like experience that is delicious and downright intense.


The slightest hint of peanut flavor peeks its head through the onslaught of aggressive sweetness and cocoa creme, but most people probably wouldn’t be able to pinpoint the PB versus vanilla or sweet cream.  Composition-wise this pint is very similar to the core lineups’ Chocolate Milk & Cookies, with a bigger emphasis on the creme flavor than the chocolate because of the base switch up.

The marshmallow swirl is thick and also very intense, with a dense yet fluffy texture that is pretty much as good as it gets when it comes to an authentic and delicious marshmallow presence.  Once again Little G is up there with Salt & Straw for taking the swirl game to another level, and this one, while it tastes predominantly sweet, does have a touch of roasted flavor to it that gives it an added layer of complexity and aids in bringing out a hint more roasted peanut flavor as well.

Through and through this pint tastes like eating an ice cream-ified version of an Oreo.  The fusion of the marshmallow swirl with the cookies’ creme emulates the iconic filling, and the plethora of cocoa wafers in every bite makes the Oreo vibes absolutely inescapable.  For my personal tastes, and to be true to the tradition of the fluffernutter tag, I want a bit more peanut butter, more salty contrast, and some relief from the intensity of the sugar, but this is one of those flavors that will leave you thinking about it when your bowl is empty, and becomes dangerously addictive.

Rating: 9/10
Found at: (use code seanpancake0 for $25 off of your first order!)


REVIEW: Limited Edition Waffles & Syrup Oreo

Maple is one of my favorite flavors, but let’s be real, when most of us say we like maple we mean a flavor covering some kind of indulgent carbohydrate.  Maple syrup smothering a stack of pancakes or the cavernous crevices of a crispy waffle.  Sickly sweet icing on top of a beautiful fluffy doughnut.  Lusciously whipped frosting inside of a layered walnut cake…you get my drift.  Maple is a sweet vessel we use to coat other sweet things and create straight up deliciousness.  In a move that seems like it should have been done three years ago, Nabisco are finally giving us maple-heads what we want with the Waffles & Syrup Oreo.

Eagerly ripping into the package unleashes a pleasant, but very slight, maple aroma.  The smell is actually much more reminiscent of graham crackers than it is waffles and syrup, but there is some lovely buttery notes floating out.  While I love me some buttery golden graham, I expected more from the nose on a package that has tantalizing drips of runny syrup on it.  

Biting into the cookie as a whole is more of the same, but even less maple-y than I got from inhaling the Oreo perfume.  Much like the smell, the flavor takes me to graham crackers, with just a touch of maple and smidge of golden butteriness but no bread-y waffle notes.  There is some maple there, but it is incredibly subtle with a soft finish that is mostly vanilla and sweet, but tastes deeper than the regular white filling, kind of like the difference between white and brown sugar. 

Isolating the creme on its own also doesn’t give much of a maple vibe.  The creme is two-toned, mostly white with a brown circle in the middle, but there is no discernible flavor difference between the two, and they both taste mostly like slightly less sweet vanilla Oreo creme.  Again, there is a tinge of maple presence on the finish, but if I didn’t read the title on the package I never would have guessed these were supposed to be waffles and syrup.  Interestingly, though, when I eat the side of the wafer with the creme on it, open faced style, I get a little bit of a smoky bacon flavor, and it’s probably the closest to breakfast the cookies have tasted.

These Oreo’s taste good, and they certainly won’t be finding their way into my trashcan, but for something that could have been so delicious they’re ultimately a miss in execution. Have the people at Nabisco never had a maple leaf cookie?  That seems like a good place to start when doing research on a waffle sandwich but I guess they just opted to revert to their already made golden wafer and fill it with a subdued creme. 

To my buds the Waffles & Syrup Oreo are have the reverse effect of the Candy Corn and Peeps variety, which taste just like Golden but sweeter.  When I saw the two-toned creme I thought there would be a different texture like the Filled Cupcake, with a more liquid-y maple center surrounded by buttery flavored creme but…nope.  I never expected these to TRULY taste like warm waffles, but I at least wanted them to taste like a chug of Log Cabin, and really they’re just a maple-kissed vanilla Oreo.

Rating: 7.5/10
Found at: Safeway ($4.29)


REVIEW: Milka Oreo Choco-Mix

In the mighty realm of junky snacks sometimes there are releases that are just so seemingly ridiculous they actually work.  We’ve had Cotton Candy Oreo’s, Cinnamon Sugar Cheetos (Sweetos), Orange Crush Pop Tarts, and now, Milka Oreo Choco-Mix.  Yes, a trail mix made of cookies and chocolate, or, a semi-healthy snack made entirely unhealthy by removing any protein and fiber that may have once existed to provide a true hike-able energy boost.  After the successful launch of the Milka and Oreo collaborative candy bar, the company is bringing all of our big boy dreams to fruition with a poppable mix of both golden and chocolate mini Oreo cookies, chocolate candy buttons, and candy coated chocolate pieces.

The mini Oreo’s are exactly what you would expect – miniature bite sized versions of the GOAT grocery cookie combining two wafter cookies and a thin layer of creme filling.  As always, the golden cookie has a soft vanilla flavor and the chocolate is slightly bitter.  The chocolate candy buttons are flat circular disks of Milka’s wonderful smooth and creamy milk chocolate that melt right when they hit my tongue and finish with a wonderful cocoa butter flavor that tastes high quality and compliments the crunchiness of the cookies.


My least favorite part of the mix is the candy coated chocolate pieces, which taste and feel just like M&M’s but somehow just aren’t quite as good.  While these are milk chocolate just like the Mars staple, they don’t have as much pop and tasty flavor as the version I’m more familiar with.  They do add some additional crunch to the package, but are ultimately pretty forgettable and I wouldn’t miss them if they were gone.
What is most surprising about this mix, and why it is ultimately a success, is how good it is when you you get all components in one bite.  As any good trail mix should be, all the elements need to come together in a way that compliment each other and when I get a sturdy handful the flavor is greater than the sum of its parts.  Somehow, even amongst the wash of all the chocolate, the golden Oreo cuts through and adds some round vanilla shine to the bite and alleviates some of the cocoa-onslaught that makes up a big portion of the bag.

Whether you like your trail mix devoid of any valuable nutrients or just dig a mix of different Oreo flavors, this is a solid product on its own that could also easily be mixed with some popcorn or pretzels to make a great sweet and salty table piece for your next big boy movie night.

Rating: 8/10
Found at: Walmart ($2.99)

REVIEW: Limited Edition Cookies & Creme Oreo Cookies

Would you like some cheese and tomato flavored pizza? How about a beef and bread flavored hamburger? No? Well…what about an Oreo flavored Oreo? Yes, these “new” Walmart exclusive Cookies & Creme Oreo’s are indeed cookies flavored like themselves.  I’m going to keep this one brief because if you’re on this site chances are you know what an Oreo is, what it tastes like, and that it has been the grocery cookie champion for over 100 years.

The good news is these taste pretty much exactly like an original Oreo, and Oreo’s taste fantastic, so you won’t be losing much if you spend $3 on a package of these. The bad news is, the only small difference here is not really an improvement, but potentially a downgrade, depending on your flavor preference.

What makes this version of Nabisco’s classic afternoon treat different from the one released in 1912 is the presence of cookie bits within the creme.  The pieces of wafer cookie crushed up into the creme takes away a bit of the bright sugary pop that usually comes from the white stuff, and as a result the ultimate balance achieved by the OG is disturbed. It makes the overall experience more bitter chocolate-forward, and kind of eats like a cross between a regular (vanilla-y) and chocolate Oreo without either flavor being too dominant.

While this limited edition is about as silly as a snowball in May, I don’t hate it, and if I was craving an Oreo and this was put in front of me it would satisfy that urge.  It isn’t a big enough of a departure to be a letdown for someone seeking some classic cookie crunch, but it is most certainly a sorry excuse for a promotional release.  Luckily we’ve got Jelly Donut, Mocha, Fireworks (pop rocks creme), Apple Pie, and Waffles with Syrup Oreo all to look forward to later this year.

Rating: 8/10
Found at: Walmart

REVIEW: Fit Joy Raspberry Chocolate Truffle and Cookies and Cream

Last years’ most prolific protein bar company, Fit Joy, are back at it again kicking off the first quarter of 2017 launching two new bars at the same time.  They went with one relatively uncharted flavor with Raspberry Chocolate Truffle, and tackled one that pretty much every competitor has already tried with Cookies and Cream.

Raspberry Chocolate Truffle:


Visually this bar is great. A little bit of a different look for Fit Joy as there are no crisps on top and the protein base is noticeably softer with a marzipan-like texture. There’s a huge raspberry chocolate smell that is very floral and promising.


The bite starts good, with a big bright raspberry flavor that lives up to the intense flowery aroma. Unfortunately, it takes an intense nose dive quickly as that powerful raspberry flavor becomes too much and is so overwhelmingly tart and sour that it literally made my face pucker.


The way the bar dissolves on the tongue and the extreme tart-ness starts to taste like a kids Flintstones chewable vitamin and I’m left really wondering where the chocolate is. The thin dip on the bottom and drizzle on top can’t hold a candle to the epic tart berry flavor to a degree that chocolate may as well not be in the name or on the bar at all. Almost every other company that has released raspberry has done it with white chocolate, which helps up the sweetness and tame the tart. I was excited for a chocolate version but unfortunately this just doesn’t work at all. Sour, acidic, and ultimately kind of gross.

Rating: 5/10

Cookies and Cream:


Visually this bar, again, is very appealing. The top is speckled with crunchy cookie bits and the inside base has a softer, fluffier texture than any other Fit Joy, kind of reminiscent of a whipped cream cheese. The flavor is full on chocolate, with both lighter milk chocolate and darker bitter being represented. There are so many different cocoa flavors going on that I even get hints of coffee, which adds to the rich bittersweet taste.


This bar more closely resembles the experience of eating an Oreo than any other I’ve had – with the crunch and squish combo being very similar to wafer cookies sandwiching the iconic white Creme. There are softer whey crisps within the protein base as well, which adds multiple layers of crunch.


I really like this bar. It has a solid smooth taste and texture without any weird lingering protein flavor and is overall really clean. My one criticism of it would be that it’s much more like a Chocolate Oreo than the original, which is fine, they should have just called it Cookies and Chocolate Cream instead.

Rating: 8.5/10

It ends up being a total split for Fit Joy entering 2017 with their worst bar and one of their best bars launching at the same time. While they don’t have the most explosive flavors out there (s/o Oh Yeah!) I continue to be impressed with their output and will try all Fit Joy bars in the future, even if some of them might totally miss the mark.

REVIEW: Milka Oreo Chocolate Candy Bar

Yep, 2017 really is the year that dreams come true. The GOAT American grocery cookie Oreo and wonderful Swiss chocolate company Milka had a couple of late night drinks together, made sweet love, and gave birth to the Oreo Chocolate Candy Bar. It’s as simple as it sounds and has been executed beautifully. Let’s dig in.


Immediately I’m greeted with really high quality smooth and sweet milk chocolate bursting with authentic Oreo flavor. The ratio inside of creme to cookie is awesome and unpredictable – sometimes you’ll get a little more creme and sometimes you’ll encounter a big cookie chunk.  The creme has that signature creamy foundation with just a hint of graininess and the cookies are as crispy and crunchy as opening a freshly sealed pack of Oreo from the store.  The taste overall reminds me almost exactly of a milk chocolate covered Oreo with all three of the components really well represented.



I was also fortunate enough to find the original version of this bar that has been available outside of the States for awhile, so I thought I would compare the flavor of the two.


The chocolate on the “Milka and Oreo” version seems thinner and is lacking the richness and milky depth of the US one. It tastes less chocolatey and less sweet at the same time, and doesn’t help to elevate the creme beyond what feels like textural filler. The cookies also seem smaller and kind of soft, almost stale, and lacking in that signature Oreo crunch that makes the stateside bar so tasty.  Maybe this bar was sitting around for awhile but it’s not expired and my initial impression is that it tastes cheaper and is surprisingly inferior to the one seeing massive distribution right now.

The Oreo Chocolate Candy Bar truly eats like a perfect hybrid between snack cookie and candy. It deviates just enough from a traditional cookie or bar of chocolate to make a satisfying new product yet tastes like something you’ve had before in the best way. It would be awesome to see Milka and Nabisco collaborate further to release some of the more rare yet popular flavors like Cinnamon Bun, Birthday Cake, or Peanut Butter.  It should also be noted that this bar is available in four varieties – the smaller, single serve one that I tried which has six breakable pieces, as well as a wider, thinner bar, a king size of the version from this review, and the Big Crunch Bar which is massive with a single layer of cookie in the middle.

Rating: 9/10